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Flood and Storm Risk specialists

SWM Consulting are specialist hydraulic engineers and accredited risk management professionals in flood and planning throughout Australia and the Pacific. We focus on riverine and stormwater inundation in both rural and urban contexts. Our team has extensive experience working with Catchment Management Authorities, Melbourne Water, and many councils.

Our flood and stormwater hydraulic and hydrologic engineers have expertise in flood hydraulics and mitigation assessments, including stormwater and drainage management plans.

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Flood Impact Assessments and Stormwater Drainage Assessments

Do you need a suitably qualified hydraulic/hydrologic engineer? Has council, Melbourne Water, a CMA, or another government authority requested a Flood Impact Assessment, Sea Level Rise Assessment, Stormwater and Drainage Assessment or a Flood Risk Management Plan? We can help!

We can also provide feasibility assessments prior to the purchase of a property if the referral authority cannot supply one in time. If the risk is high, we can assist by contacting council, Melbourne Water and CMAs before conducting a Flood Impact Assessment.

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Floods are part of Australia's natural ecology, although floods can cause significant damage to infrastructure and loss of life. Climate change may result in more severe flooding.


Natural disasters are estimated to cost Australia $73 billion per year by 2060.


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