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We offer a wide range of consulting services, from flood impact assessments to planning reports and ecological assessments.

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Flood Feasibility and Development Flood Assessments

Whether it is a flood feasibility prior to property purchase or flood impact assessment for a large subdivision, we can find you the best possible solution.

Flood Emergency Management Plans

Whether you need an emergency response plan prior to Council approval or developing Planning Scheme Amendments, we can help.

Melbourne Water Drainage Scheme Assessments

From Rivers to Drains, we have the necessary skills to assist in determining the feasibility building near or over Melbourne Water Assets.

Surface Water Management Plans

Assessing the risk of surface water flooding and identifying options to manage the risk to an acceptable level.

Flood Studies

We undertake flood studies to help us understand flooding better and to improve land use planning and emergency response to floods.

Stormwater and Drainage Assessments

We undertake stormwater drainage assessments to understand the impacts of direct-rainfall on development predominately in urban environments.

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