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About Us

We are experienced engineers with over 6 years in the Water Resources industry.

We solve flood and stormwater risks with effective and implementable solutions

We are a small consultancy owned and operated by Alex J. Simmons in Melbourne, Australia. Whether it's flood feasibility, flood impact assessments or flood studies, we make sure it's done well.

Our mission

We strive to provide efficient, effective and approved floodplain and urban stormwater management solutions.

We aim to provide quality projects, fair prices and customer satisfaction, by seeing your projects through to the end and developing a strong business relationship for many years to come.

We wish to inspire cultural, social and environmental management solutions and use natural soft engineering solutions where possible.

Core values

  • Hold honesty as the key to a business' trustworthiness and integrity

  • Always do the right thing to solve the customer's problem

  • Perform all work with the highest level of excellence in mind

  • Pride ourselves on cultural awareness and acceptance as the foundation of communication

  • Consider the societal and environmental implications of our projects

  • Strive to be environmentally sustainable, both in-house and for our projects

Why choose us?

We show you our appreciation by going above and beyond, ensuring a flawless experience.

  • Highly qualified staff

  • Approved assessments

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Wide service area

  • On-demand emergency feasibility assessment

About Alex

Alex J. Simmons is an Engineer | hydrologist with over 6 years experience in the floodplain and stormwater industry. He is currently the Head of the Victorian Young Floodplain Managers, and a member of Engineers Australia and Floodplain Management Australia. Alex has had the privilege of working for Government and non-Government (private) organisations. This has provided him with in-depth knowledge of the approvals process. He has developed a wealth of inside knowledge and contacts to assist you.

Alex has an outstanding development approval record from Councils, Melbourne Water and Catchment Management Authorities, finding a middle ground where all parties are happy.

When not working you'll find Alex hiking with his partner, out in the waves, on the pitch or just hanging with his chooks, quails and dog.

Alex J. Simmons
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